Start Time Speaker Subject Venue Ticket Price
Wednesday 30th May
10:00 Ilminster Memory Café Favourite Poems Read Aloud Minster Rooms FREE
19:30 Laurie Graham Murders Most Horrid The Warehouse Theatre £12.00
Thursday 31st May
16:00 Paul Goodwin When Can You Trust a Forecast? Monks Yard £8.00
19:30 Robert Parry “Oh, Whistle……” Two Ghost Stories Nyanza Lodge £12.00
Friday 1st June
12:30 Bethany Askew Ideas, Inspiration and Imagination, the instruments of an Author Ilminster Football Club £6.00
19:30 Chris Mullin “Hinterland” The Shrubbery Hotel £10.00
Saturday 2nd June
19:30 Brian Freeland “The View from the Wings” & “Playing the Clown” The Warehouse Theatre £12.00
Sunday 3rd June
15:00 Fay Weldon CBE “Death of a She Devil” The Warehouse Theatre £10.00
19:30 Martin Bell OBE “War and the Death of News” The Warehouse Theatre £12.00
Monday 4th June
14:30 Philip Wilkinson Phantom Architecture The Shrubbery Hotel £10.00
19:00 Rob Barratt Comic Poetry and Some Wine Tasting Seavington Store & Café £12.00
Tuesday 5th June
14:00 David Andrews “From Reg to Mabel” – Letters from a WW1 Soldier Whitelackington Village Hall £6.00
16:00 Keith Marsh Abandoned! – the Story of One Soldier Who DIDN’T Get Rescued at Dunkirk Whitelackington Village Hall £6.00
18:00 Children’s Poetry Recital Final Greenfylde School FREE
19:00 Georgie Newbery Growing Flowers for Pleasure and Profit Ilminster Football Club £8.00
Wednesday 6th June
10:30 Stephen Moss “Mrs. Moreau’s Warbler” The Shrubbery Hotel £8.00
14:30 Daisy Waugh Tarot and the Detective Monks Yard £10.00
Thursday 7th June
14:30 Dr John Powell “Why We Love Music” Monks Yard £8.00
19:30 Rachel Godfrey Creative Writing Workshop (for Adults) The Green House £12.00
19:30 Grahame Lloyd Fifty Not Out: The Six Sixes Revisited Ilminster Cricket Club £10.00
Friday 8th June
14:15 Alastair Sawday “Travelling Light” The Shrubbery Hotel £10.00
19:30 One-Act Play & Supper “Melody” by Deidre Kinahan Whitelackington Village Hall £10.00