Ilminster Literary Festival

June 2018. The Literary Festival Committee are busy compiling the programme for next year already. We are looking forward to seeing Martin Bell, Fay Weldon, Chris MullIn, Laurie Graham, Daisy Waugh and many more exciting guests this June.  The full line up will be available soon this space!

History of the Festival

The Ilminster Literary Festival was set up to offer local people of all ages in Ilminster and the surrounding areas an exciting and enjoyable opportunity to meet a variety of authors, editors, and script writers through discussion, talks and meetings, at affordable prices.

The Ilminster Literary Festival is now a Registered Charity No 1169618

The Festival  is run by a group of 7 trustees, and a Management Operations committee of around 6 volunteers.  No one is paid a salary or wage.

The first Festival ran from the 1st to 9th of June 2016 in a variety of locations in Ilminster and surrounding villages with the emphasis being on local authors Our second Festival was equally as successful  and varied and with a sense of anticipating that this will become an annual event. Our third Festival in June will be launched at a Book Fair in April, quickly followed by a Quiz Night (all welcome) and then the Festival itself will start on 30th May until 7th June, with 20 plus events.

Tickets for the various events will be available either online via this website, or  from a local shop, Airs and Graces in Silver Street, Ilminster.

The Festival is being supported by local people, businesses,  the Library, Friends or Sponsors, and by generous donations  in the past from Ilminster Town Council, SSDC, the Gooch Charitable Trust, Ilminster Education Foundation, and Tesco Stores. All of these contributions have enabled the Festival to build year on year ,with well known speakers appearing  from across the UK.

8 thoughts on “Ilminster Literary Festival

  1. Hi there

    I would like to offer an illustrated talk at the Festival in 2018. I have been giving talk this year last various venues including a successful illustrated talk at Yeovil literary Festival. Could you advise me on the best way of submitting some proposals for talks. Many thanks, David Parker


    • Dear David
      Would you be able to send me more details re your talk.I need to inform you that we are close to completing our programme for 2018.
      Our Festival address is Bay House East, Bay Hill,ilminster Somerset TA19OAT


      • Hi, It’s Ilminster Library here. We would love to be involved in the literary festival and would like to offer the library as a venue for an event.


      • Hi
        We would very much like to keep the Library involved in the Literary Festival but at this moment in time not sure exactly how.
        Perhaps we could arrange some book signings in the Library?
        if I may I would prefer to speak with you directly and maybe the best way is for me to call in asap?
        Brenda Lake


    • Dear Peggy,
      I wonder if you are looking at last years programme.We have not updated the ticket souce page yet as we are still pulling details of the programme together.The website should be current by middle /late March hopefully.
      Brenda Lake


  2. Dear Brenda,

    I tried emailing the message below using your hotmail address taken of this website and got an undeliverable message.

    I am busy populating the events listing on the Ilminster community website. I have add information on the Festival taken from a poster and entry in the Warehouse Theatre’s What’s On guide. To see the entries please go to

    If you are happy with the entries and wish to submit other events please send them to



    • Thank you John most useful and impressive.
      We are still pulling our programme together and have around 21 events planned.We would really like all of our events on the website and perhaps we can talk about this further.
      We launch our printed programme on April 10th,and have a Literary Quiz on 11th May at Donyatt village Hall.
      kind regards
      Brenda Lake


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