Malcolm Elliott & “Christopher Shakespeare” – The Man behind the Plays

It’s time to call time on the biggest fraud in literary history. William Shakespeare was no more than a front-man who put his name to the works of other men. The true author of the plays, sonnets and narrative poems we know as “Shakespeare” was Christopher Marlowe. He did not die at Deptford, in 1593, but escaped to France and Italy where most of his plays, except the historical ones, were set.

Malcolm Elliott’s ‘Christopher Shakespeare’ spills the beans on the man from Stratford and gives credit where it has always been due.

Date Wednesday 7th June 2017
Time: 15:30 to 17:30
Venue: Best Western Shrubbery Hotel, Station Road, Ilminster TA19 9AR

Tickets: £10 including Cream Tea

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